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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Streaming Prime Instant Video to Xbox 360

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "The Competition" @ 01:49 PM

"You can already stream Prime Instant Videos on your Kindle Fire, your PlayStation 3, your Roku, and hundreds of other TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Today, we're excited to announce that the Xbox 360 joins the fold."

About time! And you can also set up a "wait list" much like the que you set up in Netflix. Too bad they don't have it set up for iPad or for Apple TV but at least you can watch it on your Mac. Personally, the more they add to Xbox 360 the happier I get since it means I'm that much closer to getting rid of Dish Network. I'm almost there actually, between this and Hulu + and Apple TV, along with the iPad apps I use I pretty much can get all I want except for sports. And for that I can always go to a bar or a friends house, sports are more fun to watch in groups anyway right?

The Best Apps for Your Jailbroken iPhone

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 04:00 AM

"Just jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on your iPhone and iPad and looking for the very best apps, tweaks, and other enhancements to try out?"

If so, check out their article on the best apps to use with your unrestrictive iPhone!

Use Reminders More Efficiently With These Tips

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 03:00 AM

"Apple introduced Reminders alongside iOS 5 and Siri (for the iPhone 4S) this past October, and while the world wasn't exactly stunned, the app made an impression. The trick with any app, of course, is finding ways to use it efficiently."

That is always the case isn't it? Finding the best way to utilize what a program has to offer is key to getting the most out of it. I've tried out a number of reminder programs, and usually ended up going with iCal, that is until Apple came out with reminders and so I use them now, mainly due to the geographical reminders that you can set up. What app do you use to keep you organized?

Monday, May 28, 2012

PicFrame For Making Photo Collages

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 02:30 PM

"PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames that you can save to your computer or share to Facebook. With 34 adjustable frames, rounded corners and plenty of patterns, you will always have a unique look."

I added this to my iPhone a few days ago, and a version is now available for Mac OS X. More from the App Store:

"Since PicFrame was released on the iPhone and iPad we have often been requested to create a Mac version for people to use on their desktop, well here it is! PicFrame on the Mac is just as easy to use, select a frame, drag and drop your photos in, tweak the border size, give the photos rounded corners, add a color or pattern, resize the adjustable frames and save the photo or share it to Facebook.

Main Features:- 34 adjustable frames- Support for up to 5 photos- Rounded corners- Change the border size- Zoom and drag the photos around- Easy color picker for border color- Multiple patterns to use for the border- Ratios 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9- High resolution- Share to Facebook- Drag and drop photos into the frame "

Pretty nice for a couple bucks on each platform ... and really, really easy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tweetbot Updated to Search Tweets by Location

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 05:00 AM

"The 2.4 update to Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad adds a number of new features, but the biggest one is an updated search feature that gives users the chance to view tweets made nearby. You can change location to do searches in different areas."

Many changes but the search by location is the biggest. I switch between this and the Twitter app, still not sure which one I like best, what are your thoughts on the best Twitter client?

What Are Your Vacation Apps?

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 04:00 AM

"Nearly every time I travel-whether it's for vacation or for work-people crawl out of the woodwork to ask me which iOS apps I use when on the road."

And now Jacqui Chan from Ars Technica answers that question with some of her must-have apps when traveling. Some I knew about, such as TripIt and Kayak, but there are some other options here too so worth the read. What apps do you like to use when traveling?

Axis App for iOS, From Yahoo

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 01:00 AM

"Yahoo! announced last night the launch of its new app dubbed Axis, available for iPhone, iPad, and plug-ins that work with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome."

You can do everything from within the app, instead of having it switch you to the native Safari in iOS. And from what reviewers are saying it works pretty well. Worth trying out, since it's free.

Facebook Camera App, Their Own Instagram?

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 12:00 AM

"Facebook today dropped a new photo-sharing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Facebook Camera. And it looks pretty familiar!"

A very similar app to Instagram, but the difference here is it uploads directly to Facebook instead of to a separate account. Makes me wonder just how long Instagram will last, but it certainly shows why Facebook decided to buy Instagram...they needed to get rid of the competition! I had trouble finding it when I was searching on the iTunes Store for some reason. So if you are having the same problem, here is the link.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coda 2 and Diet Coda Now Available, Half Off Normal Pricing

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 11:59 AM

"The highly anticipated FTP client, code editor, CSS editor, and previewer, Diet Coda for iPad has hit the App Store. Now you can make quick edits to your website while on the go or on vacation."

MacAppStorm has a pretty thorough review of Coda 2 here, but if you are ready to get it, you can save yourself 50% off the normal price. For today only you can pick up Coda 2 [affiliate link] for $49.99 USD. And for Diet Coda [affiliate link] you get the same deal, today only for $9.99 USD.

DVDs Into iTunes

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 03:00 AM

"Whether you're looking to do some late spring cleaning, or you just want to liberate some of your guilty pleasure movies from their DVD prisons, it is time we revisit the process of ripping your DVD collection into iTunes."

I personally use Handbrake to rip my DVDs, but after reading this article I may try another program called RipIt. It costs $24.95 USD but it sure makes it easy to rip your DVDs. There are some other programs in the list too, if you want more control over output, but bottom line is now it's pretty easy to get those movies from the disc onto the drive. What program or programs do you use to rip your DVDs?

Apple Releases Update Providing RAW Support for Six New Cameras

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 01:00 AM

"Apple on Tuesday released a system-wide update that adds RAW image support for six new cameras."

This is an OS X Lion update, which will allow RAW data from Canon EOS-1D X, Nikon D800E, Nikon D3200, Olympus OM-D-E-M5, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF5 and Sony Alpha SLT-A57 cameras. You can get it via software update or going here.

Tags: software, update, raw, os x

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tweak iCal With These Tips

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 03:00 AM

"iCal will be getting a major upgrade once it's fully integrated into iCloud, but until then you may want to tame the beast with a few easy tweaks."

Good article about getting the most out of iCal. I've used many different calendar programs for iOS but I always come back to iCal, what calendar program have you found most useful?

Tags: software, tips, ical, os x

The iPad Provides Many Options for Magazines

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 02:00 AM

"With everything tending more and more towards digital consumption, the print world is in trouble."

I have to agree, at least for me personally. I read everything on my iPad now, since what I found hard to find in the early days of the iPad are now readily available on a variety of iPad apps such as Kindle, Newsstand and Zinio. How about you, have you given up on print?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Notes

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 06:00 AM

"I am not as crazy about note taking on my Mac as I am on my iPhone. On the iPhone I struggled for a long time to find the perfect notes app, on the Mac though, eh, I mean I need something to take notes but I never really use notes apps on my Mac."

I am always on the lookout for a good note taking app I can use on all my devices, and Simple Note has been the one I've stuck with over the years. I may have to check out Just Notes, though, after reading this review by Ben Brooks. What are your thoughts on note taking apps? Which one do you find yourself using more often than the others?

Stream Video and Save Space

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 05:00 AM

"While newer iOS devices come in sizes up to 64 Gb, it takes up a lot of space to store a ton of videos there."

Streaming video is one way to avoid storing all those videos on your portable device. Using Air Video is one way to stream to your iOS device, and it doesn't have to be in the correct format since this nifty program converts files on the fly so you can watch it on your portable device. It's not free but the $2.99 won't break the bank.

Find That App!

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 04:00 AM

"You can use the Find My iPhone app to locate a wayward iPhone and Find My Friends to find a family member, but what if you want to find an iOS app on one of the many pages of your iOS device's Home screen?"

I run into this problem daily, so I usually just use the spotlight search function on my iPhone. There are some good tips in this article about locating and organizing your apps. I know I need to!

Manage Pages in Facebook With This iPhone App

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 01:00 AM

"Facebook has launched its official iPhone app for managing Pages. After a slow rollout throughout other parts of the world, Facebook Pages Manager for iPhone is free and available now in the U.S. App Store."

Looks like now you can download this free app from iTunes so they must have fixed whatever was ailing it. Oh, and it's only available for the iPhone for some reason, but at least now you can manage your pages from your iPhone, something the Facebook app wouldn't let you do.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Four Years of the App Store

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 11:00 AM

"It's been almost four years since Apple debuted its App Store platform for iOS (and then the Mac), and MacStories has an in-depth look back at that time."

From nothing to an industry that supports over 500,000 jobs and millions of dollars in sales. Impressive growth wouldn't you say? The bigger question is though, what is in store for the next four years? What are your thoughts?

Weather Channel for iPhone Updated

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 10:00 AM

"The Weather Channel for iPhone is the most popular alternative to Apple's built-in Weather app and it recently received a complete makeover."

A much improved app now, with a better UI and more features. I use this one instead of the Apple weather app but I'm with the reviewer when he says he would "pay to remove the ads." That really is the only downside to this free app.

Learn About and Purchase Art With Art Circles for iPad

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 09:19 AM

"I have a friend who is all about art. When she talks about any subject dealing with art she borders on pretentiousness as she slings about the names of different artists (living or dead), the people she's met, her near-fame, and so on."

If you want to be in the know, this free app called Art Circles fits the bill. This app covers all kinds of art so you can be "in the know" about a wide variety of artwork. And not only can you share the art you like via email and Facebook, you can also buy the art you like via the app. The coolest thing is you can actually put the artwork on a photo of the wall you are thinking of using and you can see how it would look.

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